by Devon Goods

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released October 14, 2014

Devon Goods is Justin McCollum, Ross Greenberg, Zach McCollum and Michael Beyda
Produced by Kyle Cook at the Shame Shack, and by Adam Greenberg at the Psuedodorm



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Devon Goods Glen Rock, New Jersey

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Track Name: Doubting Doubt
You are a compass after a shift in the earth’s poles
Forever set to lead me in the wrong direction
With all the trust in my heart put into the copper in my hand I head north
Never realizing that I’m traveling down the map, my latitude lowering in every step without my knowing
And if I took just one second to look up at the stars I could turn myself around and with time reach my goal, my destination
But I keep my eyes fixed on what’s in my hand and walk and walk and walk for miles and miles ahead
All the doubt in my mind has been enshrouded with doubt of its existence
And I will go
Farther and farther south until a wall is reached and my journey can no longer continue
But until that wall is reached
I will blindly follow
Only then can I take my look up at the stars and see
That ignorance is not always bliss
it can put you on a path that you will forever lead until that path leads you into a hole
where you cannot help but to look at the stars
For this journey cannot continue
Track Name: Psst... Ants
A snow globe rests on the desk
Skyscrapers stretch
But they can never reach the glass incased life continues and everything is
realer than everything I've ever seen
Like Businesses and companies
Or TV soap operas and dramas
The youths ride bikes
And fathers work long hours
While trophy wives polish their other medals
Why is it so real
A cup of tea is set on the table
Only there to become cold
A machine without a purpose
All is lost
Much like myself
A cold cup of tea
I'm a broken machine
Track Name: Michigan
I'm going back east to the place that I call home
Wish there was a wall blockading my front door
I'd made an impact now I'm just the ground awaiting the fall
Part of the mesh now clinging to the pores for dear life
I am home
I guess I'm home
I'm sure your touched
It's hard to open up the door
walk inside, it's all behind me, a memory
Ten hours of highway staring down my back
And lungs unprepared for the familiar air
I am home, where I don't belong
Am I where I should be