Couldn't Ask For Anything More

by Devon Goods

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released October 23, 2015

Devon Goods is Michael Beyda, Ross Greenberg, Justin McCollum and Zach McCollum with a little help from Jackson Zebransky
Music by Devon Goods
Lyrics by Justin McCollum
Album Art by Devon Goods
Produced by Jim DeSalvo and Vincent Sgro



all rights reserved


Devon Goods Glen Rock, New Jersey

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Track Name: Select, Up, B
Can I start over anew
I'm tired of cutting through backyards avoiding you
can I take it all back, rewind
and never admit to fault or apologize
because I'm a cynic at heart
and oh god am I itching for this fucking new start
can I start over
can I start anew
bleach the canvas until it's all gone
the colors faded erase the brush marks
I'll go out west and make a new start
cover my tracks, forget where I'm from.
Track Name: Being Jack Ryanovich
Almost like a draft in your house, unsettling and invisible, only hearing each other's breath, we let the silence sit.
But I can't help myself around you, even after all this time, you won't help yourself around me as we watch the time go by
We'll let it crush our lungs while we bite our tongues.
I know you're not worth trying for but I'll give it my all, I know your not worth dying for but there's plenty rings to come in these branches, I'm trying. I know you're not worth tearing for but I'll roll with the punches, I know your not worth dying for but my tombstone's still a part of the mountain
Track Name: Billi?
The daggers in your stare cut me to ribbons
we'll grind our teeth to dust that's only valuable to us
we could've had it all
every atom and the space between them
it's so illogical that your last breath will leave and let you die alone
I'll find an island and burn it to the ground to watch the fire lick so close to what could put it out
I'm on my own in this inferno
you're all alone wondering where the air goes
I'm on my own in this battlefield
you're all alone hoping that you can find your breath
I'm on my own and so are you.
Track Name: House Boat
Something is coming to break my limbs I don't need them
Something is coming to crush my spirit I need it, it's all I need
Someone is going to pop my heart I don't want it beating
Something is going to push me away, good riddance is what they'll say
I cannot brave this storm without a roof over my head
I'm way in over my head
To conquer the ocean is your manifest destiny
I don't have a destiny, living in soliloquy
You'll sail off in your house boat and tattoo yourself in my head
I'll jump in right after you, but how long can I swim
There's water living in your lungs, but you don't miss the air at all
There's water living in your lungs, how'd it get there
Something is coming to break my limbs I don't need them
Falling below the surface of all of this
We'll spend our time in the shipwreck, I'll hold my breath
We'll look at all the skeletons and wonder where they went
We'll pocket all the ocean's pearls and leave every dime unspent
I'll hold my breath
Something is coming to break my limbs I don't need them
Sinking to the bottom of the sea, will I see you there?